PS5 broke new world sales record of all time

Sony has revealed its financial results for the fiscal year 2020 and in this context we learned that to date the PS5 has sold 7.8 million worldwide.

This means that it has achieved the most successful console debut in the world in the history of gaming. According the global launch sales of all consoles of all time, the PlayStation 5 takes the lead with 7.8 million. The record so far belonged to the PS4, which in the same time period had reached 7.6 million.

Also, the PS4 broke a huge record. It is now the console for which most copies of games in the history of gaming have been sold. So far this record belonged to the PlayStation 2, for which 1.537 billion games had been sold. With the new data released by Sony, the PlayStation 4 takes the lead with 1.577 billion copies of PS4 games now sold.

For the record, we also learned that the PS4 has reached 115.9 million sales and the PlayStation Plus has reached 47.6 million subscribers.

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